EasyFind Not Finding Only Hidden Files

<2.33GHz MBPC2D running 10.6.1 and EasyFind 4.5>

Greetings folks!
I am new to EasyFind and REALLY appreciate it! The only challenge I am having is searching for hidden files that (natch’) begin with a period.
Searching for:
with “Boolean+Wildcard” and “Invisible Files and Folders” enabled doesn’t return anything at all . . . and we know there’s lots of them there, if only for the “.DS_Store” files!

Wildcards are applied to words, therefore this doesn’t work. But one workaround is to search for . (using the option “All Words” or “Any Word”) and to sort by name afterwards.

Thanks, Christian!

But given that almost every file has an extension, is there no way to search for only hidden files or files that begin with a period?

Thanks again!!

Not at the moment.