Easyfind parameters

I use the file commander muCommander all the time, so I would very much like to be able to add EasyFind to the right click context menu.

I can see that EasyFind supports passing the folder from another app, as EasyFind provides a “Find in path…” service for Finder. But I am unable to figure out how to call Easyfind from muCommander.

I have tried variants of:

open -a EasyFind /Applications/
/Applications/EasyFind.app/Contents/MacOS/EasyFind -h

But I can’t make it work, anybody know if there is a parameter available?

Regards, Kasper

“open -a EasyFind” should work but additional arguments arent’ supported.

Well yes, both versions work for starting EasyFind, but the point is that I wan’t it to start using the current path from muCommander which I can pass as an argument - otherwise it’s not easing my daily work.

Since the Finder service can pass the current path with “Find in path…”, there must be some way I can duplicate this behaviour in muCommander, I just need to know what the “Find in path…” service does?

Regards, Kasper

Services aren’t executed via CLI+arguments, maybe it’s possible via a CLI tool or a third-party solution? I don’t know.

How about pasting the source from the “Find in path…” service here, so I can duplicate the code/service for use from muCommander?

Regs, Kasper

That’s not the way services work, I’m sorry.

Oh, how I miss the possibility to pass the search path as an argument to EasyFind (or any search-in-contents tool). It’s now been 3 years since I switched from Windows and this is the one last thing, I just can’t do easily on the Mac…

High regards, Kasper