EasyFind, QuickLook and context menus

just discovered EasyFind and am thrilled as it lets me search some file types for which Spotlight importers don’t exist. But I also found some shortcomings - so here are my requests:

  1. EasyFind should allow use of QuickLook with search results. Since switching to Leopard hitting the space bar to preview a file has become a reflex…

  2. EasyFind doesn’t seem to identify the objects in its results as files to context menus. I use OnMyCommand and have set up context menu items that work on files in the Finder, but they don’t work on EasyFind results. It would be great if EasyFind would let context menus treat its results as files.

(Perhaps there’s a single fix for both of these, by making all the active Finder context menu items (incl. QuickLook) also active in EasyFind?)

Great work - I hope you’ll take my suggestions into account - EasyFind is a great find for me.

Thanks for the suggestion! The first one will be probably implemented in a future release but the second one is unlikely. Both contextual menu plugins and input managers are doomed technologies.