EasyFind - Restricting scan to certain files doesn't work

I like EasyFind in general, it’s great. But I can’t restrict the search to specified files in the settings panel. Right now I want to search for images with MF in the name. In the settings panel “Scan all Files” is off and I have jpg as the type of file I want. Search is set to “Only Files” and I’ve tried each of the operator settings. The remaining buttons are all set to OFF.
Every time I search I get the jpeg files AND thousands of files with MF in the name which are not jpegs. I’ve also asked for psd and tif files - same thing happens. What can I do to make it work?

Try a Boolean- Wildcard query like this: (*jpg OR *jpeg OR *tif OR *tiff OR *png) AND mf

This setting applies only to content searching.

Sorry for posting to an old thread but I’m having a similar problem as here…

Can’t get boolean operators to work. I have Content, Fuzzy, and Prefix While Typing selected. NOT operator returns No Items Found when I know there should be some found. Using 2.0pb8. (Maybe there’s something I’m not understanding. :confused:

This thread is related to EasyFind :wink: As long as a search query doesn’t contain a positive term (one without a NOT), DEVONthink doesn’t return any results. But the next release will support this.