Easyfind - search by file comments

I just started using Easyfind and found it to be much more efficient than Sherlock. However, i do have a question. I have tried to search for files in which I have created comments, but it hasn’t worked. Is there a way to search for files by comments? I would really appreciate help in this matter as I would like to be able to search for graphics using keywords.

thank you!

No, the current version of EasyFind doesn’t search file comments.

If you show Info for a graphic file, you can enter text into the Spotlight Comments field of the Info panel. Spotlight can search such comments.

Or, you could import your image files into a DT Pro database, or even into DT Personal and enter text into the Info panel of each image. If you have already entered text in the Comment field, that will be available in the Info panel in DT or DT Pro, and is very quickly searchable on the Comments field.

I would probably use File > Link for imports of my graphic images, as I usually keep them available in the Finder for editing, printing, etc. This results in only a small document size in DT or DT Pro, even for large images.

Thanks for the idea. I may create a new DT Pro database just for this purpose. That would let me ‘mark’ the Comments field of photos that I particularly like, etc. Searches would be much quicker and more specific than Spotlight searches.

I have been using the comment field in Show Info, I just need to be able to search them. I don’t have Spotlight as I am on a earlier version of OS X. I know that Finder can search comments, but the file has to first be indexed and even after that it takes forever. The problem with importing the graphics into DT Pro would be that I am not wanting this for personal use. The searching of comments is needed for all graphics/files on the work server. There are multiple users creating many graphics/files daily and I don’t really see them taking the extra step of importing the files into DT Pro. They are against more work on their part.

Maybe I am misunderstanding the capabilities of DT Pro. I am not really sure how it works. Please let me know what you think.