EasyFind - Search Results: What is "done" in results

First, I have been using EasyFind for so long I don’t remember how long! It’s my “go-to” program for searching on my Mac. Thank you for making it available.

When a search is complete, EasyFind presents, under the search box, results in the form xx found/yy done. To what does “done” refer?

That’s the number of processed items (depending on the settings more or less files/folders have to be processed).

Christian - thanks…but what constitutes a processed file?

Thank you for satisfying my curiosity!


Usually each (not hidden) file in the selected folder/volume and its subfolders.

Christian - I did think that the “done” paramter was each file examined. In fact, I usually search my entire hard drive and seem to recall that “done” was a large number. But I noticed recently that “done” is usually relatively close to the number found. For example, attached is a screenshot of the results of searching my entire hard drive (Bear) for Files&Folders that contain Java in the name. Search results are 390 found/630 done. I would expect that the number done would be very large, as I’m searching the entire drive.

It makes me a bit concerned that the entire hard drive isn’t being searched - although my guess is that is just a bug in the number reported as “done”.

I’m running EasyFind 4.9 on OSX 10.8.2.

Thanks a lot for your time on this. I use EasyFind quite a bit.


Depending on the options EasyFind is able to use the HFS+ catalog search, e.g. if you’re searching complete volumes and looking for a simple word or phrase. In that case few items have to be processed.

Thanks much for the explanation.