EasyFind - Search Speed

We use EasyFind in my Graphics department and I am comparing the speed of EasyFind searches from one machine to the next.

We all basically have the same terminal (Mac Mini 2.3GHz, 16GB RAM) and running the same OS (10.11.6). We are all using the same version of EasyFind and they are all setup the same.

I am finding that the in which the EasyFind searches a drive varies significantly. Example a sample search of 97,880 documents yields a time of 2 minutes and 11 seconds on one terminal vs. 36 seconds on another.

I understand that there are many factors that could affect these results (ex: network connection, network chatter etc etc) but with all things being equal is there any way to increase the speed in which EasyFind searches a drive??

Thank you for your time and consideration

No, there isn’t any specific setting you could apply. However, you could try mounting the networked volume in one of three ways.

cifs://myserver (This is SMB 1)

The protocol you mount a networked volume with can affect the performance of operations on it.

we are mounted smb//

i am running 10.11 would the OS version change the search speed? i see EasyFind is 10.6+ compatible

we have identical machines with identical connections. the only difference is the OS. three machines yield a test search of 15-18 seconds and another 45 seconds.

obviously these are all good numbers but we do multi-document searches in volumes of 100,000+ items (yes better times would result from volumes with less items :slight_smile:

would another DEVON product yield better results?? DEVONThink?

Yes, this can certainly affect things.

BTW, DEVONthink is not a Finder a Spotlight replacement. You could try DEVONsphere Express.

Testing the trial version of Devon Sphere Express. Doesn’t appear to index? Reads: “Initializing index”. I thought it might take some time so i let “run”. 8 hours later still hasn’t changed.

Sadly, EasyFind does everything that we need it to do but the performance is lacking depending on the OS environment.

Did you add an entire networked volume to DEVONsphere Express? If so, that’s not something we advocate doing.

I guess i misunderstood how SphereExpress works or its intended purpose.

I need to search SMB network volumes using lists of file names.

EasyFind does the job but there is performance/speed drop depending on machine OS.


SphereExpress did return results but not what expected.

It ignored several file types/prefix. Example .indd, .crtr

I checked preferences>categories, the only thing i found that might apply is 'Document"? but i think this might only search text files??

If you are trying to search for InDesign and MultiAd Creator files by contents, it’s not going to work. They are closed, proprietary formats, not text based. You should be able to search by filename though.

i search for “1978154”

its part of a file name and not content

returns no result.

the file is on the selected location/volume…but DSE does not return the file as a result

.crtr document