EasyFind - Speed issue needs improvement

Spotlight is a good tool, but often its too complex. I have 8 documents on my drive that have the string 1&1 in the title. Spotlight finds over 10000 objects, which of course would take me very long to process until I find the wanted document. I have suggested to Apple to add a limitation to display only title-locations with a click on the search list. So to ease my efforts until this is handled, I try EasyFind, which takes 19 seconds and precisely finds the 8 documents. Sherlock under OSX-10.3 took about 5 seconds for such a search. So really the speed issue shows, EasyFind to take too long for a search.
As I also do some instructions for OSX, I have to give advice to users on how to find documents. For my own use, on finding documents I have located a program that has other uses as well, but is too complex for the common beginner or user. This is FileBuddy. However it has a astonishing ability: For the same search it takes 3 seconds to find the 8 documents.
Could you plan to speed up EasyFind?
Your program does exactly the right things, is easy to use, has a good interface, only the speed issue makes me and possibly other users turn away from it.
Kind regards, Peter