[Big USB drive plugs into my airport and thus provides storage for my home network, with wired and wireless connections :smiley: ]

  1. How do I ensure EasyFind searches this location ?

(I have failed to find items in a .pdf that I know exist :frowning: )

  1. Does EasyFind search on Spotlight comments ? :bulb:

Choose your USB drive volume in EasyFind’s location pop-up menu. EasyFind is a simple find file tool and searches the contents of the raw files but does not search Spotlight comments, we’re afraid.

I have an encrypted disk image (sparsebundle) that I keep important pdf files in. When I mount the image and use easyfind to search for specific text, it does not find the text. Am i doing something wrong OR can files (pdf) not be searched if they are housed in an encrypted image? The files have all been OCRed.

Basically only the contents of plain text files (like HTML/XML, source codes, scripts etc.) are supported. Add the extension .pdf to the settings (see drawer) and it might or might not work.

It is unfortunate that EasyFind doesn’t search PDF files, especially since the following statement is on the application description:

Perhaps it now supports searching PDF contents.