Ebay plug-in

I want to make an Ebay plug-in. First I started with something elaborate, including LinksStart, LinksEnd, and etc. However, I got zero results every time. So I began paring the plugin down to the very basics to see if I could get anything. Still, always zero. I read many other posts here and tried to figure out what I might be doing wrong. Still no results. I tried playing with the “Operators” field a bit (Ebay allows only AND as far as I can tell). No avail. Nothing. So I removed Operators altogether, to use the default. Still nothing. Always 0 results 0k.

I know that my EngineUrl works, because if I copy it from the XML plist file3 and paste it into the URL field of a browser, then replace agentQuery with a search term like “Downtube” and agentResults with a number like 100, it returns lots of results.

Also, the log is empty after this search.

Any help would be appreciated. Here’s my XML:

Thanks in advance,

Writing a plugin for eBay is currently not possible but the next release will support this.

Could you please explain a bit about why it won’t work?

Otherwise, I have learned nothing from my fruitless 6 hours spent trying to develop this plug in. That rather discourages further attempts at developing plug ins, when for arbitrary, unexplained reasons it won’t work. I would much rather know ahead of time what the limitations are before doing this again.


A lot of search engines return links (ads) pointing to eBay or Amazon making search results often useless. Therefore these links are currently blocked. The next release will add them to the list of excluded hosts but won’t block them anymore per se.

Thanks for the explanation - that makes sense for the behavior I was seeing…