[EDIT] DTPO and Tresorit

Good Morning.

I would like to use DTPO with Tresorit. I have made ~/Documents a tresor. Than I have indexed one of the folders in ~/Documents. Next I have in DTPO moved some items into the indexed folder/group. And finally, I have activated these items and started the script Move_To_External_Folder.scpt. But nothing happens.

On items in a indexed folder/group which is not a tresor in the meanings of Tresorit the script works gracefully. But if the folder/group is a tresor, the script works not at all.

[EDIT] Now, several minutes later and after Tresorit has started to synchronise, DTPO obviously as well has begun to move the items into the external folder.

Is this a feature or a bug?

Thanks in advance and kind regards, Friedrich

There is no specific support for this service.

Based on your edit of this post, are you saying it’s working now?

The synchronisation with the Tresorit service is still running. Let me test this setup for a while and observe it. Afterwards I will report.

Kind regards, Friedrich