Edit Excel on DTTG

I have an Excel Spreadsheet in the DB I sync between DT3 and DTTG. I need to update (add entries) to this spreadsheet when I am on business travel and only have my iPad with DTTG with me. The updated file will sync (via Bonjour) with DT3 on my MacBook when I return home.

I cannot figure out how to edit entries (including the spreadsheet) entry on DTTG. There was a thread on this topic about a year ago, but the process doesn’t work for me as described there. I have the latest versions of both DT3 and DTTG. Also, Excel is installed on both my MacBook and iPad.

Can anyone advise me on how to do spreadsheet edits on DTTG that will sync properly with DT3?

Thanks! Harold


I use Apple Numbers instead of Excel and the spreadsheet is stored in DT/DTTG
For edits, I use the DTTG share menu to open the spreadsheet in Numbers
The DTTG spreadsheet is updated, and syncs to DT

You cannot edit Excel files in DEVONthink To Go (or DEVONthink for that matter). These must be edited in Excel, on Mac and mobile.

In Excel on mobile, you can open the file in DEVONthink To Go via the Document Provider option in Excel.

Thanks, works like a charm.