edit in default app?

I very much would like to just dobble click on files and edit them in their default app (WriteRoom) instead of DT. How can one accomplish this omitting having to go via right click and select from context menu?

You cannot open a database document directly under an external application via double-click. I doubt this will ever be offered as a Preferences option, as it would complicate Preferences setup, and Christian likes to keep Preferences as simple as possible (for which I’m personally grateful).

However, if you wish you could select a rich or plain text file in the Finder, Get Info and set the “parent” application to open all files with that filetype, e.g., WriteRoom instead of TextEdit (which is currently the “parent” default for rich or plain text.

Afterwards, when you click the Toolbar’s “Open Externally” icon for a selected text document, that document will open under WriteRoom.

So as to avoid inadvertent editing of text documents under DEVONthink’s text editor, you could lock the documents within the database. They can still be opened and edited by an external application.

“open externally” is ok, was not aware of this, thanks.

I would really like to have this feature as well! It seems natural to me, especially if it’s a file that Devonthink can’t normally handle. For example, what use is it for Devonthink to open up a Word document in a separate window? I understand if it’s a PDF document because then you have the option of annotating it, but you can’t do anything with a Word doc.

Devonthink should be more like Pathfinder (PF). For PDFs and TXT files, PF opens those files in it’s own browser (it’s actually a preference). Otherwise, PF opens the file in it’s default application. Now THAT makes a lot of sense.