Edit in WriteRoom from DEVONthink Pro

Hello DEVONthink peeps! I’m a new convert to DT, and I’m loving it. Anyway, I’m a software developer, writer, and GTD follower, so I will most likely be producing Applescripts and the like the more I use DEVON products. The task of today was to setup a seamless workflow for creating new text records in DT from any app and launch WriteRoom as the editor. I nearly had it working with WriteRoom 1.0, but I realized how much I wanted WriteRoom 2.0 anyway, so I scrapped the progress and rewrote the script for 2.0 (and spontaneously bought 2.0). Modification to be compliant with 1.0 would not be difficult, but I have little interest in doing so right now. I’m very pleased with the end result; it works exactly how I wanted it to. I’m sure it will need some tailoring to make it fit in your workflow, but hopefully it’s a useful start for most people that have this interest.

One of my other intentions for the future is to add Markdown support, but I will probably have to wait for the WriteRoom addon WriteOut to get updated for WR 2.0.

I posted the scripts, with a mini-tutorial, on my blog.

Is there a way to script DTP to open the file in its own full screen view? I’d like to see something where DTP opens the document full screen, and resizes the text to 16 or so, so I can read it easier, then save it at 12 point.

You might select a 16pt font for full screen viewing and a 12pt font for plain/rich texts via Preferences > Edit.

I’ve tried that, but it doesn’t seem to work for rtf files, only txt. Am I doing something wrong?

I’m not sure it makes sense to ask it to show RTF in a constant size. It can do that with plain text since plain text doesn’t specifiy a size. But with RTF, it would have to basically be lying to you if it showed all fonts as size 16, making the file impossible to work with. Now if you want zoom level as opposed to font size, I don’t think DT supports that.

Which version/edition do you use?

I’m using the DTPO beta.

My fault… it’s using the font only for plain texts - rich text full screen viewing is only using the specified colors.