edit/info/actions when viewing document from search results

It would be ideal if a user had the ability to view file info and take action on a file that is retrieved from search results without having to reveal the file first.

For example, when a user performs a search, the user is unable to swipe on any of the results to act on that document. If a user is viewing the document from search results, no tools or actions are displayed: no information button, no move/convert button, no share button, no edit button. If a user wants access to these they must click “reveal” first.

I often use search to locate files that need to be deleted or moved. If there is more than one file in the results I want to act on, I have to:

  1. view that file
  2. tap “reveal” thus booting me out of the search results
  3. perform my action
  4. re-do my search

If i could just act on a number of search results without having to “reveal” the document and exist search, that would be ideal.

Screenshot of scenario:

There are changes we are considering on this, but the request is noted.