Edit Mode for Markdown documents

Eric’s poll on tap-to-edit prompted me to post this feedback on editing Markdown documents. I don’t mind the current tap-to-edit behavior with Markdown documents. My bigger frustration with Markdown documents is that dismissing the keyboard does not switch the document back to the formatted Markdown view. The menu changes from ‘Done’ back to ‘Edit’, but the document doesn’t switch to the formatted view. The user must manually select the ‘Done’ menu to dismiss the keyboard and return to formatted view.

I suppose the current behavior would be highly desirable if some users that like to view the document in raw Markdown without the keyboard on screen, but I personally don’t view documents in this mode. I’m fine with working around the current behavior if others do find value with this behavior.

Noted for fixing in 2.0.5 or 2.0.6.

I’d still prefer to have to explicitly tap an edit button, even for markdown files. As I stated in the poll, there are times when all I need is to select and copy some text for use elsewhere (or select and share). As is, I can tap and hold to select, the popup shows briefly and then is dismissed and edit mode is triggered.

Check out version 2.0.5 when it becomes available hopefully this weekend (depends on Apple’s review process).

Can’t wait! :smiley: