“Edit” not available for PDFs?

I’m reviewing and annotating a number of PDFs in DTTG. Most have the “Edit” option available, which reveals the annotation toolbar. But not all.

In some PDFs, “Edit” doesn’t appear and so I can’t reveal the annotations toolbar.

There will be a good reason for this and some people will understand why. Currently, that doesn’t include me.


Perhaps these PDFs have no text layer, so you have to OCR it first?

That might well be the reason. Thank you.

I haven’t been able to create a converted PDF document in DTTG. I’ve tried Organise > Convert > To Searchable PDF and assumed that a duplicate PDF document would appear in the same location but that doesn’t seem to be the case.

Perhaps the conversion option isn’t working in DTTG yet?

OCR certainly works in DEVONthink To Go here.

It’s quite possible you have an encrypted PDF or one for which you don’t have permissions to modify it.
Where did the PDF originate?

Hmm, OK, I’ll check that. Thanks.

Back home now. Looking at the same PDF in DT.

I can use Data > OCR > to searchable PDF to convert the PDF file in DT. That syncs with DTTG and I can annotate the new file. So that will work.

Converting the same, original PDF in DTTG doesn’t work — or, at least, no new file is created so there’s definitely an inconsistency there. Anyway, I’ve found a workaround so I can get back to work. Many thanks for your help,

If you find a moment, please start a support ticket, the compress and attach the PDF for us to inspect. Thanks!


Much appreciated - at your leisure and convenience :slight_smile: