Edit notes in the sorter

First of all, thanks for an amazing tool. I don’t know how I could manage my research without it.

One of the features I love is the ability to take notes on a document I have open on the screen by using the sorter window. The tag feature on it doesn’t seem to work quite as well since it splits tags that have commas but I can live with it. My main question is whether it would be possible (maybe this is already possible and I simply don’t know about it) to open a note that already exists on the sorter and edit it there. I find it useful to have the document I’m working with open in my DT database but sometime I want to add information to an already-existing note rather than create a new one.

It would also be great if we could annotate images…

Any thoughts?

Thanks for reporting this bug!

That’s not possible.

What kind of annotation do you need?

While waiting for proper access to notes within the sorter (hint!), this is what I do: I create a new plain text document in its own window, hide the toolbar, & resize it to a small window on the edge of my screen. This works OK since editing the notes doesn’t bring the main DT window into focus, and therefore doesn’t hide whatever other app I’m using.
Not as elegant as Scrivener’s scratch pad, but workable. The best would still be to have the sorter edit existing notes. :unamused:


My main source of research are manuscript pages that I have scanned as jpgs. I don’t need anything like OCR, just a way of adding notes or using drawing tools to mark sections of the text. I take notes/transcribe the text but sometimes I come across a trickier text that I need to mark. It would be really useful to do it right on the manuscript.



My problem is that I have the document I’m reading AND the note both in DT. When it is in another app, I also do the trick with having different windows…

Multiple windows are possible in DT. (But, you know that.)

After you have captured an image into your database, you can use the Annotation smart template, which has the keyboard shortcut “Shift-Option-Command-A”. This creates a dated rich text note that contains a hyperlink to the image.

Note that if you display the image in, e.g., the Three Panes view, the navigation bar above the image pane displays a URL that, when clicked, opens the rich text annotation document.

You’ve got two-way linking, from the annotation note to the image, and from the image to your annotation note.

Useful to you?


That’s brilliant; thank you!