Edit Sheets in DT To Go?

Hello all,

I am currently testing DTTG with a webdav account.
The sync works great, so I have synced some of my tables.
Now I want to edit them on iOS in DTTG, i.e. change the text in individual columns.
This does not seem to work. I tap with my finger on it, it then appears with a colored background, but I can not edit the field.
On a table that was created on DTTG, it seems to work.
Does this not work with tables synchronized from DT for OSX?

Thank you

Welcome @Fragiker
You surely can edit sheets in DEVONthink To Go.
Did you tap the Edit link in the top toolbar first?

Yes, of course i did.
Tested it again, not working.

Did you double-tap the cell?

Yes, i did :slight_smile:

Stay tuned for the next maintenance release.

Ok, thank you