Edit tables in DTTG

Is there any way to edit a table in DTTG?
I imported a CSV-file into DTP. DTP converted it to TSV without asking, but that’s OK, I think.
Then I synced it to my mobile device.
Now I find that the file can only be displayed but not edited which is limiting and unnecessary, I think.
OK, I thought, I might open and edit the TSV file in GoodReader, since it is nothing more than ordinary text with a few tab stops.
How wrong I was.
It turned out that my table is converted to some HTTP stuff that is five times as big as the original information.
How and by which means can I edit my data and save them back to DTTG?
Thanks in advance!

This is not yet possible but DEVONthink To Go 2 will support editing of sheets on iOS.

Can you already give a hint concerning the release date?

We don’t predict release dates.