Edit text files in external application

Although I can launch text files stored in DT in an external editor, the edits don’t seem to save to the file in DT. I might be missing something pretty simple here … any advice or suggestions?

I’m using TextMate as my external editor.


In the DT 1.x applications certain file types including text, HTML, XML and WebArchive are stored in the ‘monolithic’ body of the database and are not visible to the Finder.

The consequence is that if such a document is opened in an external application, edited and then saved using the “Save” command, the Finder cannot send the saved file to the database.

If you wish to use an external editor to modify a document that’s one of the above file types, use “Save As” to save the modified file to the document, then import the modified file into the database. You may then delete the earlier version in the database, or keep a succession of “version” documents.

For the cited file types, “Open With” doesn’t mean “Edit With”.

A future major upgrade of the DT applications will store all files in the Finder, so that this ambiguity will no longer exist.

Thanks for the help. I can deal with the workaround for now. Now that I know I’m not insane. Please … no comments on that last bit :slight_smile: