Edit->Undo (for moving items)

Hopefully I’m not the first to request this.

An essential but missing feature in DTP is the ability to UNDO the moving of an item in your database. Every once in a while I’ll accidentally move/replicate a file into the wrong group and will need to immediately undo it. Or I’ll be dragging a file and my finger slips off the mouse button too soon, with the file being dropped someplace it wasn’t meant to be. Sometimes I’m not even sure where it just went, and thus must go rooting around to try and extract it from its unintended destination.

(And don’t laugh, I have a valid excuse for such occasional clumsiness: chronic tendonitis in my hand/wrist.)

It was really a boon when Apple implemented the ability to undo moving files in the Finder. We need the same ability in DT/DTP. Thanks very much.

Oooh, I second this request! Just yesterday I made an accidental move in my database and spent over an hour trying to fix it because I didn’t know where the folder ended up. The ability to immediately Undo would have been ideal.
Mrs. R.
Nova Scotia

The Undo action has become a reflex for a lot of computer users. Too bad it’s not available in DT Pro! We all at one time or another get our finger off the mouse a fraction of a second too soon and see our file(s) disappear somewhere it was not intended!! A very common mistake that would be so easy to erase with an “Undo” button…