Editing bar in Full screen -> Document

When activating Full screen -> Document, there is an inconsistent behavior of the Editing bar.

When only one tab is open, the Editing bar does not appear. I would be happy to see it, as I need the editing tools a lot.

When 2 tabs are open and you activate Full screen -> Document, you can get the Editing bar back by clicking one of the tabs. Would be nice to see it from the beginning.

Alternatively, the Editing bar may be hidded (if distraction free is the mission) and only shown when the cursor meets the upper border of the screen (as in Preview).

Thank you for looking into this.

Screen captures would be helpful here.

I have added 2 screen captures:

FullScreen.png: 2 tabs open (with different documents :slight_smile:) in Fullscreen mode: there is no Editing bar

FullScreen-click.png: after clicking on the left tab, the Editing bar appears.

As written before, there is no Editing bar if only one document is open before switching to Fullscreen mode.

Thanks for having a look. Fullscreen mode is almost useless for me if there are no editing tools.