Editing PDFs within Devonthink

One of the most repetitive tasks I do within Devonthink is expense reporting. I scan my receipts. Sometimes my scanner scans the whole receipt but I only want to keep the essential of the image as well as add a field called ‘date’, ‘amount’ and ‘supplier’. Image cropping within a PDF is the thing that would save me the most time. Without going into an external PDF editor. Is there a way that I can have a date field which is not in text… as well as a field that is a ‘number’ ?

Custom metadata (e.g. like such fields) can be defined via Preferences > Data and entered e.g. via the Info > Custom inspectors. This requires DEVONthink Pro 3 or DEVONthink Server 3

I use the camera in my iPhone/iPad to “scan” receipts
I also get receipts via email

Instead of custom metadata fields, I stuff the info in the note title
. prefixed with the subject date
. appended with the vendor and $
Example: 2021-09-21 Receipt [Lunch] !Type-Receipt ?Vendor-TimHortons !Budget-FoodDining $-3.44

I use an applescript to process the pdf (sets title, tags etc)
Automatic detection of the $ works sometimes, but I usually have to manually type it

I use a tag to identify the vendors (?Vendor-aaaaaaaaa)
also a tag for budget category

For monthly expense/budget reporting, I use an applescript to extract the data to a spreadsheet