Editing Rich Text documents

Every time I attempt to edit a Rich Text document in DTTG, I am required to make a duplicate (simplified) of the original in order to edit. Is there any way around this? I really don’t want to be creating duplicates in DTTG. None of my rtfs have any special formatting. I just want to use them for notes. Plain text may do, but I like the text in Rich Text more.

The upcoming version 1.2.6 should improve editing/viewing of rich text documents. Please let us know if this is more usable or not, thanks!

I believe I just downloaded a new version in iTunes yesterday. I didn’t notice any difference. Not sure if that was 1.2.6. Thanks.

If an RTF document is too complex for the built-in (simple) RTF editor it offers you to duplicate it. This is to prevent you from losing formatting.

None of my RTF’s are complicated. Just basic font text. I can duplicate. It’s just that I don’t like the idea of having duplicates or having to delete one.

I’ve always had this problem too, even with simple, RTF documents created with DEVONthink’s new RTF document command. When I first reported this with the beta, here is what I was told by the developer working on it:

The issue is that a “normal” RTF from DEVONthink or even TextEdit contains tab stops. These are not currently supported by the Omni RTF editor, but I am working on that right now. The goal is to at least maintain the tab stops so they won’t be lost when saving the RTF.

I never did see a fix, so I’ve just stuck with plain text documents myself.

With iOS 6 Apple just finally, telling from the API documentation, the possibility to edit rich text documents on iOS. We will test this new possibility and add it as an alternative to the Omni RTF editor.

I can’t even create a new RTF document in DTTG on my iPad. I can create a new plain text document, as well as a new group and the other types of documents listed when I click on the icon with the plus sign in an inbox, but when I select Rich Text, I get what appears to be a blank document but can’t do anything with it. Can’t tap in it to get the keyboard to come up, and the toolbar at the top is grayed out. There is metadata – such as flagged and read status – but I can’t actually put anything in the document.

Any suggestions or help?


I just created a new rich text document in DEVONthink To Go, and entered text into it, which was saved.

But I’m running iOS 6 on the iPad, and hadn’t tried this before the update to iOS 6.

I was able to create a RTF file on my iPad running 5.1.1

I also was able to change the text color on the iPad but that change did not synch back to th emac.