Editing the Reader view parameters in Safari

I plow through a lot of websites in my research work and always print to PDF for DEVONthink to get a clean, uncluttered document.

However, I’m looking to customize the Reader View in Safari to include better Headline and Body text Font usage to make reading long articles easier. Is it possible?

Alternatively, is there a way to edit the “Clutter Free” layout options in DEVONthink?

Sorry but no. The clutter-free mechanism is not user-editable.

A workaround I use sometimes is capture as Clutter Free Formatted Note and then change the formatted note inside DT. Once I have as I want, convert it into PDF and delete the FN.

However my normal approach is different: I use DEVONsave 2.x script from iOS with some variations, and for things got from inside DT Feeds, a custom css.

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