Edits towards Webarchive cannot be saved

I got a problem that changes on the content of the webarchive files are not saved when I reopen those files though I had clicked the save button. After several trials, it seems only some website can not be edited, like aeon. But those edits still can not be saved even if webarchives are converted to HTMLs. Could anyone tell me how to fix the problem?

What exactly are you changing? And is (part of) the content perhaps generated dynamically?

I try to delete some words, and I also try to highlight some sentences. But it just can not be saved.

And I also find that if I just use the space to preview the file, I can see those changes. However, the layout is not that nice as opening the file.

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A URL to test would be helpful.


you can try this url.

There are quite a few JavaScripts running on this page, so no I’m not surprised it’s reloading content…

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So does it mean that the problem can not be solved unless the web does not use JavaScripts?

Yes, I would say that is a correct assessment of this page.


Obviously. If content is generated dynamically at run/load time, there’s nothing you can persist locally. The server (re)generates then given whenever the page asks it to do so.

This has already been discussed several times, too. If you want to edit „archived“ content (which begs the question what archived means), you should use markdown or so. I.e. a format that contains the rendered page at a certain point in time. No JavaScript. You’ll probably encounter challenges with images, though.

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