Efficacy of "search in" with "Title" specified

This is my first shot creating a search set in DA. I’m working on a search that uses the google scholar plug-in and can’t seem to get DA to restrict the search to items in the title. For search, I’m using:

(religious OR religion* OR protestant OR christian* OR catholic* OR evangelical* OR theology) NEAR (“climate change” OR “global warming”)

As a test case, I’m expecting to see the following article:

link.springer.com/article/10.100 … 016-1821-z

It has “Catholics” and “climate change” in the title - and I’ve confirmed in DA that the title metadata is accurate. A search in DA (using google scholar plugin) for…

Cross-pressuring conservative Catholics

…finds this article straight-away. However when I run the more general search detailed above, it does not appear in the results, nor does “link.springer.com” show up in the log for the search. I had thought that by checking the “title” box under “search in” in Settings (see da_1 screenshot) and re-running this search would give me a more tailored results list, but this is not the case. As the screen shot included shows (da_2), there are many articles shown which do not have any of the required terms in the title.

So what gives?
da_2.tiff (765 KB)
da_1.tiff (381 KB)

By default the plugin accepts all pages returned by Google Scholar but you could modify it. Just choose Windows > Plug-Ins & Scanners, select the Google Scholar (Articles) plugin, duplicate it via the contextual menu. Finally, edit the duplicated plugin and remove the lines…


Thanks for this tip - but after following your (very helpful) instructions, DA still returns the same results… Any other ideas?

Did you update your search sets so that they use the duplicated & edited plug-in instead of the old one?