email and devonthink

I am using Thunderbird and DevonThink proOffice
When writing an email in thunderbird I would like to be able to reach into my database and attach a file. This does not seem to be possible? Can anyone help?
If I am in Devonthink I am able to right click on a file and ‘send by email’…which is helpful but not idea. Also, when I use the ‘send by email’ function word documents get put into the body of the email rather than attached to an email message. I have not been able to find anything on the forms about these two questions:

  1. How to attach a file from a data base when in Thunderbird
  2. How to attach a word file rather than have it included in the body of a thunderbird email
    thanks for any help

Try a drag and drop from DEVONthink to the new email in Thunderbird.