Email app for security, 3rd party, ads

Off Subject, but can you suggest an email app, that works well with DEVONthink, for Mac & iPhone, with security. I have been hearing about security issues with email companies. So reaching out to everyone, to share their expertise. Thank you

Security in what capacity?
Apple Mail is the best of breed in many ways, and it’s also free and integrated into macOS and iOS, so I would advocate it wholeheartedly.

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Apple Mail for the app + FastMail for the IMAP/SMTP service is a satisfying combination for me.

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So the need for something like ProtonMail or Tutanota for security, you feel is not needed? please let me know, and thank you

Personally, I have no need for services like that.

I work from home. I am worried about security and Google selling your information to 3rd parties, spam, ads, etc. when reading many blogs. Is there truly any need to worry?