Email Archive failing on some messages

Happily using ‘Archive Mailbox’ from the Import tab in DTP but I have seven messages now that will not Archive and they get an error message in the Log window of;

Screenshot 2020-02-27 10.23.43

Any ideas on how to resolve please?


Which email client do you use and where are the originals stored (e.g. a local mailbox or an IMAP account)?

Apple Mail (Catalina with updates), this is an Office 365 mailbox stored locally.


And how do you import the messages? E.g. via drag & drop, Mailbox/Message > Add to DEVONthink 3 in Apple Mail or View > Sidebar > Import in DEVONthink 3?

Sidebar > Import - using ‘Archive Mailbox’ - has worked before … It does appear that the ones failing have attachments but has in the past been fine with or without attachments?


What kind of attachments? Are you able to import these messages via drag & drop?

They are all PDF’s

I have tried dragging from the Apple Mail app and dropping into the Mail Group in DT and only the header goes across; the body and attachment are not pulled across?


Actually the complete messages should be imported. What do you get after dropping the messages onto the desktop?

Whilst investigating I found that Mail did not appear to be synching with the Exchange server. Whilst mail arrived OK when I moved to Archive, for example, that was not being fully completed and there was a number of messages waiting to be ‘moved’ These were the messgaes that would not Import to DT.

Having spoken with Apple Support I have deleted the account and re-added and all is now working as it should.

Thank you for your support.