Email Archive Workflow

We are currently evaluating DevonThink Pro, and we are thinking of possibly buying the DevonThink Pro OFFICE. I have a quick question on email archive.

We use IMAP in apple Mail. for all of our accounts. Could anyone please let us know how the email archive function works with IMAP mail? I guess it will be different for POP and IMAP. I’d greatly appreciate if you could give me a very simple steps like instruction so I know how to do it.

Maybe there is some detailed steps/tutorial already posted? A link will be great.

When it comes to email, I am always extra careful and want to make sure that I make no mistake.

Thanks a lot in advance!

I referred this person to an excerpt from online Help describing the archive process.

Re POP or IMAP there’s no real distinction so long as the mailboxes/messages are accessible to the archiving procedure.

See here for an online tutorial: