Email Archiving as Replicants - Can I reset?

I just started using DTPO and I made a mistake when I archived my mac mail. I deleted the database I created and started over. Now when I archive the emails into the new database they show up as replicants because DT thinks it previously archived them.

Is there a way to reset a flag or “something” so Devonthink sees the emails as new?

That doesn’t sound right. If you are importing email into a new database, DEVONthink doesn’t know about replicants. DEVONthink doesn’t replicate across databases – only within a database – and it doesn’t track documents in closed and deleted databases. Email can be imported any number of times into different databases. IOW, something else is going on.

It’s easy to troubleshoot. Click any document whose name is displayed in red italics (that’s a replicant), and look at Tools > Show Info … > Instances to see where these replicants are located.

Is it possible that you’re seeing duplicates? Documents whose name is displayed in blue? With email import its likely that you have many similar messages, or messages that were copied into more than one mailbox, and DTPO thinks they are duplicates. The method about also shows where duplicate instances are located.

OK. I have no idea what I was doing or seeing yesterday. I tried again with a brand new database and everything worked perfect. :confused:

Thanks for the quick response.