Email Archiving

I’m not really knowledgable, though I have been a user for some time of DEVONThink Pro. I cannot figure out where to even start with archiving my Apple Mail emails.

I have a dead Apple Mail Plugin called Devonthink Mail Import Support, but I cannot figure out how to update it. I saw an article on the web referring to the email import feature, but there is no menu item in DEVONthink “Preferences” referring to Apple Mail.

Where might I begin?

Thank you very much!

–Laurence Kant

And one further question: How many emails can DEVONthink Pro archive?

DEVONThink Pro doesn’t archive emails, DEVONThink Pro Office does.

And how many emails will DEVONthink Pro Office be able to archive? Right now I have close to 250,000 emails. I’ve been trying to export them over to Apple Mail from Thunderbird, but not with success yet. Do you think an upgrade to DEVONthink Office Pro wiuld make sense for me? Could I archive direcrtly through Thunderbird?

Thank you!

–Laurence Kant

The size of the emails is more important than the number of emails. However, usually we don’t recommend more than 100.000 records per database (or up to 300.000 records on really fast Macs). Finally, DEVONthink Pro Office doesn’t support Thunderbird as it’s not scriptable and using its own email format.

@MysticScholar: Please see my response in your Support Ticket about export options in Thunderbird. Check your Spam filter if you don’t see it. Thanks.