Email Archiving

Hi Folks,

I was trying out the email archiving feature and realized that email attachments do not get saved. Is there a way to enable that? It feels like a very essential feature. I want to create an database with all my mails backed up.


Full email archiving support, including attachments, is only available in the DTP Office version.

Yes, I am using the office pro version, but after importing the emails, I can see that the attachments are not imported. Any clues?

Sorry, I did not realize that you had the Office version. How are you importing the emails? I usually use the Mail add-in ‘Message>Add to DEVONthink Pro Office’ and it adds the message with attachments. You may need to click on the ‘Text View/Preview’ icon in the navigation bar to see the actual attachment(s) as files.

ok. I didnt notice the attachment at the bottom. It does actually import the attachment!
Sorry for the trouble. Awesome program.