email attachment

I am considering DTPro Off as my future central database. I receive a lot of email with attachment(s). If you import emails into DTP, does the attachment ‘follow’ it?
If not, how do you import both emails and attchements?


The message is imported completely and will look similar to what you’ll see in Apple Mail. The only thing is that the contents of attachments are currently not indexed for searches, only the “main” content of the message.

ok, thanks.

So the only way for the pdf’s to be indexed is to move it seprately into DTP, right?

Yes, that is the case currently.

Does the email archive plug-in in DTPOffice allow the email import WITH attachments?

Thank you.

Like I said earlier the email looks (almost) exactly as it does in Apple Mail. Therefore attachments are included just as in that program. Just download the demo version (no strings attached) and try it out.