email attachments won't be displayed


Some email attachments (PDF) won’t be displayed in DTPO; only a question mark with blue background is visible in lieu of the file. But if I open the respective email with the attached file is displayed as attachment or in the email body.

How can I fix those broken attachments in DTPO?

Thanks in advance for your support! Kind regards, Friedrich
Bildschirmfoto 2014-04-17 um 10.05.42.png

Do you use the default view for emails or the alternate view (see Preferences > Email)? Or could you export & zip the archived email and send it to cgrunenberg - at - so that I could check this? Thanks in advance!

Ah! At alternative view the file icon appears. But the file size is 0 Bytes. When I choose open in the attachment has 0 Bytes too. But if I open the originally in archived email the attachment has 3 MB size. Obviously there was something broken by import into DTPO

How did you import the email? And did you import it from your IMAP/Exchange etc. account or from a local mailbox?

By a Mail-Act-On rule which invites the Applescript Add messages to DTPO

From an IMAP account.

Kind regards, Friedrich

I believe you will want your Mail-Act-On-Rule to call the ‘Add message(s) & attachments to DEVONthink’ script if you also want the attachment(s) imported in addition to the email message.