Email content not visible

For reasons not clear to me, DPO is no longer displaying the content of emails. The subject displays correctly under “Name” by clicking on an email only shows an envelope icon. However, the email will reopen in Apple Mail.

Currently running DPO 2.9.4 and Apple Mail 9.3.

Does this persist after rebooting the machine?

I have not tried rebooting but had run Verify and Repair and Rebuild Database, without a positive result. I will reboot shortly and report further.


A restart appears to have solved the issue. What causes it?

Many thanks.

It is not possible to clearly say. It could be the QuickLook generator became unresponsive. It could be something else.

In any case, we advocate rebooting your machine(s) at least once a week, just to be kind to them. :smiley: