Email import / archive

Obviously, this pertains to DT Pro Office only.
I’ve been interested in importing all of my Mail messages into DTPO and am wondering what the difference is between using the import button and the archive button. Does the archive retain more of the message? Also, is there a way to get DTPO to do scheduled imports/ archives of Mail’s mailboxes? I’d like to move away from using Mail as my primary browser of all my email messages, preferring DT’s search capability much more.

interesting question - just wondered about this, too.
Doesn’t look like you got ever an answer?


Some answers might be under Archiving email in DtPO Help and there’s also an Importing email tutorial.

Scheduled importing/archiving isn’t directly supported; maybe someone else has suggestions how that might be accomplished.

Scheduling could be done with Automator, but IMO it’s just as simple – and more configurable – to write a mail rule to export messages and/or attachments to DEVONthink. DEVONthink Pro Office comes with these scripts that can be used in such a rule:

These are found in /Applications/DEVONthink Pro Office/Extras/Scripts/Mail (or ~/Applications/DEVONthink Pro Office/Extras/Scripts/Mail depending on your kit config.)

Good idea! I was stuck thinking of how to do it with Dt “pulling” from Mail rather than with Mail “pushing” to Dt.

I too would very much like to have DT as my “primary browser” so if anyone knows how to do this could they please either post how to do it of PM me?

My ‘Holy Grail of computing’ would be to do as much as possible of all of my computing within DTPO and thereby cut down on the number of other Apps that I have but rarely use, may start a new thread in the Usage Scenarios board.