Email Import - Emails Marked as Imported but Not In Email Global Inbox Folder

I have recently integrated my Google Mailbox via my MAC Mail client to DT3.

Took a while to get my head around how best to use for me, but generally working OK with a biyt of automation filing my emails against some groups.

I have Archive my whole mailbox that has a number of Tags in Gmail that create separate Groups in the DT3 Email view. Majority of my email groups have imported and all mail is available in the global in box.
A small number of groups say that they have imported with the tick against each message in the email view, but the group in the global email group is empty. No copies of te emails.

I cannot work out why or force them to re-import. Is the a way to clear the “tick” and allow them to be imported/archived again?

You can’t import the same email more than once into the same database.
Did you duplicate emails into other groups in your email client?
You can trash the imported version and empty the database’s Trash to reimport.