Email Import settings

The in-app help in DT3beta1>Settings>Email does not work “no results” if I click on the question mark.

  • What exactly is the “alternative view” (Alternative Darstellung") setting?
  • “Konversationsfäden gruppieren” is obvious, but what is “komplette Konversationen importieren”?

Thank you. Do you plan to release the manual and the Arbeitsbuch in summer, when the final DT3 release is planned, or already before, in order to allow to give feedback?

E-Mails sind in der Testversion nicht möglich, dafür braucht man eine Lizenz.

Viele Grüße

I have bought and activated a DT3 license! Email import is also working as it should. I just referred to the fact, that in the settings the in-app help for the email section is not available, and therefore I was asking about the exact meaning of both import-settings.

@cgrunenberg will have to address the Help button in the Preferences > Email.

If you find errors in the documentation, PM them to me.

By documentation you mean the documentation over the help menu? Or do you already have a beta-version of the DT3 manual? Or will the manual be released in summer together with the official / final release of DT3?

you mean the documentation over the help menu?

I don’t quite understand this statement, but the documentation is only in the Help menu at this time.

The next beta release should have a PDF manual, but again - the documentation is in beta too so modifications like correcting typos, etc. will be made throughout the process.

Great… in the documentation in the help menu, there is no clear explanation, what is meant by “alternative view” in the email settings. Even without activating this feature, I can select/copy text in imported emails…

Sure there is…

as text alternative links to Menus > View > Document & PDF Options.

Yes, I have already found and read this paragraph about “alternative view”… but unfortunately I did not understand what is meant by it, as already without activating this option the email text is shown as text (I can select it, copy it etc)… therefore I was suggesting to improve the description (maybe, it’s also because I am not a native English speaker, and the misunderstanding is therefore on my site… )

Furhtermore, if I import / archive a whole email account into DT3, after reading the documentation and after some tests, as far as I have understood, it does not matter, if “import complete conversation” is activated or not, as in this case all messages are imported. Am I correct?