Email import: Sorter vs Drag and Drop

I have noticed that if I drag an email massage into a database inbox via the sorter then the link to the original mail item in Apple Mail is correct. However, if I drag the same email directly into a group in a database then the link created is a mailto: link.

Is this the correct behaviour? I want the link to the original message but would like to be able to drop directly to groups?


This seems to be a bug of the Sorter actually, all other commands (Add to DEVONthink Pro Office in Apple Mail, File > Import > Email… of DEVONthink Pro Office, drag & drop to DEVONthink and scripts) insert the mailto: URL.

OK, thanks for the info. Please don’t squash the bug! It works well having a link back to the original message so I can access the attachments!

You can also access the attachments by switching to the alternate view, either on demand (via the View menu or the navigation bar) or by default (see Preferences > Email).