email import - what am I missing?

I am using apple mail and DTO 2

All I want to be able to do, is send messages or mailboxes to DTO from mail when I’m working on a specific project. The problem is, I am having to keep track (in mail) of which messages I send to DTO so I don’t send them again and end up with duplicates/replicants. As you all know, there is no good way to mark messages in MAIL other than flag, or move it to a folder. So, I can create a subfolder in mail called “sent to DTO” but that seems like a pain. Is there not a way to say ignore duplicates, so I can simply import whole mailboxes regularly to keep DTO up to date?


Assuming I’m understanding you correctly, there is a preference in the email importer for hiding emails that have already been imported. Open the appropriate database, then go to File–>Import–>Email…

This will bring up the email importer. You will want to select Apple Mail (I assume) as your source, which will find and quickly index all your messages. Then select “Toggle Filter” on the upper right side of the window. This will drop down a filter and you can customize what you see. Be sure “Hide Imported” is checked.

Was this what you meant?

Under DEVONThink Pro–>Preferences–>Email there is also a “Previously imported will become replicants” checkbox that you could play around with. I haven’t used it and, thus, can’t speak for it’s exact function.


thanks, that “hide” function seems to be what I need. I was using the services menu in mail rather than importing from inside DTPO. But this should do the trick.


I strongly implore you to install the Mail plugin through the Help > Install Add-ons menu. This will also add two menu items in Mail, furthermore drag and drop of single messages into a DT window will also work. All of these methods use the duplicate detection that is part of the Mail Import process.