Email Importing to DT3 - Google Email - Messages Syncing Multiple Times

I have recently been exploring the integration f my Google Gmail email box to DT3, via my Mac mail client. Annoying not direct, but I can live with the unnecessary elbow for what looks like could be grea benefit wit a bit of automation in DT3.

However, I am finding variable result in te sync of mailboxes, Categories in Gmail.

I can sync an email box.category and all come across and are marked as synched. However, on a subsequent attempt to sync, possibly after a restart of DT3, the same messages are no longer marked as perviously synced and aye again synced, creating duplicates.

Why, once synced, are these massage being reverted to not synced?

I am habitually sing Archive so as to retain te structure of te mailboxes as advise d in documentation.

This continual syncing of the same message renders this as a very unproductive integration.

Does anyone have this working reliably?

Your advice please.


DEVONthink doesn’t support email synchronization, only importing/archiving. Do you mean that the messages were imported?

A message is only marked as imported if it exists already in the destination database. Deleting already imported messages or moving them to a different database might therefore cause this.

Yes, the messages were “imported”, using the Archive button and subsequently filed into various DT3 groups.

I did suspect that maybe deleting would trigger this behaviour, but found even f I filed into a “junk type” folder that te subsequent Archive request seemed to want to import again. I will test again, but not sure that this is the underlying cause.

This deleting of a previously imported item causing a re-import seems like a bit of a limitation.