Email Message Locations on IMAP Syncing with DT3

If I perform an archive on my entire mailbox, I understand that all messages are captured and archived as they are at that time, in whatever folder they’re living, etc. So, if I later archive a message inside gmail (aka move it to the “All Mail” folder because I like keeping my inbox at zero as much as possible) will DEVONthink pick up on the fact that the message is no longer in the Inbox and is now solely in the “All Mail” folder/group and delete/remove the replicant in the “Inbox” folder in my DT database?

I hope that makes sense. I’m guessing the answer is no, but I figured I’d ask regardless. Thanks!

I guess that would be only possible if DT3 had an IMAP client and you had provided it with your credentials for the IMAP server. Also, from reading the documentation, it seems very obvious to me that DT does only import mail from a local client who behaves like a proxy for Gmail or other IMAP servers.

There is no connection between imported emails and items in your email account / application.

Yeah that made sense to me too. I guess I was wondering if it did incremental archives, or a blind archive where it could tell which messages had already been copied, and wouldn’t copy them again. And if there were any that were moved to different folders, etc. on the IMAP/Gmail/Outlook server side, DT would also move those as well. But it’s sounding like DT doesn’t delete anything from its database when archiving. I need to remember that “Archive” doesn’t mean “Sync” – I’ll just adjust my workflow so that when I’m ready to archive something, I’ll be sure to have already done all the organizing I want to do.

Gotcha, thanks.