Email messages not rendering properly after DEVONthink and macOS updates

I recently upgraded to DEVONthink v3.9.4 and macOS v14.1.2 after traveling for a couple of months without my MacBook Pro. Since these upgrades I notice email messages (new and old) do not render properly and require that I click on View → Document Display → Best Alternative or the Best Alternative icon above the message pane to view the email in its original form. This extra step is a bit of a pain as it does not stick.

I have read through other posts where the suggestion has been made to click on Show in Finder in the Contextual Menu then view the resulting file using Quick Look. Doing that brings up the file displayed as it should.

I would like Best Alternative to be the default display of all email messages, but I’m not seeing a setting for that. Any suggestion as to how this can be accomplished will be greatly appreciated.

See Preferences > Files > Emails


Thank you! I did see that preference option, but for some reason my brain took “Use alternative view” it to mean “Best alternative.” Thank you for your prompt response and the easy fix.