Email not going into correct Mailboxes

OK. Spent two to three hours searching for an answer in this forum but no luck.

I imported my IMAP INBOX first into DTPO. (10,000 messages)

Then I imported the individual mailboxes.

The individual mailboxes did not copy over as a mirror because some of the posts were “already imported” and I found them in the IMAP INBOX.

I tried Import All with the individual mailboxes but no luck.

This has resulted in a major pain-in the-ass because I dont have the energy or inclination to sift through 10,000 messages locating those posts that belong in the individual mailboxes I prepared over the year.

Is there some workaround procedure I can do? Can I go out to the finder and drag the mailbox from its place in the Library/Mail into DTPO? I’ll put up with redundancy if I can keep these client mailboxes intact.

I hope I’m making myself clear. Sure, the stuff is probably all there but now I have to remember who emailed me in order to locate a message via search, instead of opening a mailbox and being informed by what I see there.

The Information Age is getting too time-intensive!!!


P.S. I unclicked IMPORTED in the DTPO Email Plug-in and could see the messages. Clicking Import All didn’t import irregardless of the filters.

Message to DTPO: You should have a warning to do the individual mailboxes first before dragging in the main Inbox since DTPO will not import dupes.

If you export and then delete the messages from the Inbox group inside DTPO and then import all the others again, that should solve part one. You can then import the Inbox folder and all should be well.

Is there a reason why you copy the message to its designated mailbox and thus have a two identical messages on your IMAP server (just curious)?