email notices and broken links

I got a notice from webmaster@de…-tech…com for a reply to a post. The link contained the following path: … um/….

It should be: .

I only noticed because I was prompted to login (even though I already was) and 1Password didn’t have my login for:

Manually placing the dash in the URL in Safari, I was taken to the post.

thanks for the hint, I’ve forwarded this to Eric.

I just tried to open

and ended up in the forum, as expected. So the link should work with or without dash.

It did take me to the forums. It’s just it prompted me to login, because don’t auto resolve.

I was auto logged in with, not the other.

Since that post, I haven’t gotten any forum replies with the, all have the dash, so someone must have fixed the issue.

What threw me was 1Password via the browser said it didn’t have a login, and I knew I did for the forums.