Email reminder - source email address

Is it possible to set the source email account from which Reminder emails are sent?

I have a handful of reminders that are set on particular records; and DT3 seems to choose the source email from which they are sent arbitrarily. To put a finer point on it, once the reminder is set, the source email address chosen seems to remain constant when it’s fired in the future; but they are not the same across different reminders. I cannot see any pattern to how the source address is chosen.

One set of reminders continues to be sent under an organizational email account that I share with others; and I would prefer that every reminder by sent via the personal address of my choosing. Is this possible? Or is this some system-wide anomaly that I’m just going to have to work around?

The Send Email alarm currently sends the email from the active email account, i.e., the selected account in Apple Mail.

Ah - OK, thank you. So then perhaps if we’d prefer to send it from a predetermined email account AppleScript would be a better option; otherwise I’ll forget to hop over to macOS Mail and select an account, then switch back to DT.

You’re welcome. We’ll discuss this in Developmrnt.


this is a problem I have not yet come across since the mail reminder alerts do not yet work on my system. But as soon as they do I will stumble into the same problem: Set a certain mail account for these reminders.

I can imagine that this is a problem many are concerned with.