Email reminders not arriving


I’ve got a bunch of reminders set to Remind me Once on a M1 MBP Mac. The alarm is sent to “Send Mail” the email is correct in the next field. The little sound goes off, the Apple notfications shows the notification, but the email never arrives nor do I see it in the sent box or junk box. I can’t seem to find any “errors”. Is there a log to look at? How do I diagnosis and fix?

What little sound goes off?

I think the sound name is Crystal?

Which email client do you use?

I use the native Mac Mail. I have Spark and Canary Mail installed but I haven’t loaded them in quite some time.

I’m not sure what you Mail preferences look like but here are mine…

If yours are similar regading the two sound options, do you hear the whooshing airplane sound of the email being sent from Apple Mail?

Thanks, that triggered my brain - fixed. I got the crystal sound but no shwoosh. Problem was Openin - OpenIn | Loshadki Apps - App that takes Mailto: and lets me choose which mail app to use (I have Spark and Canary installed in addition to Mac Mail). I have Openin as my default mail app. DT was sending the reminder to Openin and Openin was waiting for a mail app to selected. Changed the default to Mac Mail now working. Thanks for you help.

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You’re welcome. Glad to be of service :slight_smile: